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If you’re in the position, and we understand not everyone is at the moment—there are now two new ways to support Inkandescent.

You can buy us a Kofi and help us fill the pot—every donation (a fiver, more if you prefer) is received with thanks and used to keep every book on our backlist in print, and in the world. Right now, nothing is getting any cheaper—and that includes paper.



If you’re able to afford a fiver every month, you could become a ‘kindler’ on Patreon and receive complimentary copies of all our ebooks months in advance of their official launch. You’ll also be keeping fires burning in the Inkandescent offices.


If you could afford a tenner a month, become a ‘lamplighter’ and receive all our ebooks and paperbacks free and gratis long before they hit the shops. You’ll also be keeping lights burning in the Inkandescent offices.


And if you can spare twenty-five pounds per month, become a ‘flamer’ and receive all our ebooks and paperbacks, plus tickets to all our fabulous events early and at no extra expense. You’ll also be keeping ambitions burning in Inkandescent offices.

And, of course, you can also support us by sharing our Kofi and Patreon links far and wide, and—always—by buying books from our website. We appreciate everything you do for us.

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