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We love hearing from you. If you have a query about our books please get in touch. 


Sorry. We are very busy with our projects and as such we are currently closed for submissions. Normal service will resume shortly. 

We are committed to outsider voices underrepresented in mainstream publishing. In the context of what we do, that primarily means writers who identify as LGBTQ+ or working class, or come from BAME backgrounds. We discover and celebrate original and diverse writing that challenges the status quo. We welcome submissions from new talent and not so new talent, particularly in the form of novellas and short novels. If you write short stories or flash fiction please read about our exciting new project, MAINSTREAM

Before submitting, we strongly recommend that you read some of our books and familiarise yourself with our publishing intentions, follow us on social media and join our mailing list. You do not need an agent but you do need to be a shit hot writer, passionate, dynamic and committed to the craft. Drop us a line. 


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