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One Last Song—Nathan Evans

A gentleman called Joan lands up in a care home like a colourful, combustible cocktail... ticking.


A gentleman called Jim doesn’t know what’s hit him... everything about his new neighbour is triggering.


Battle begins. May the best man win. But beneath antics and antique armour plating, what are both hiding?


Maybe they’ve more than a wall in common? Might they even be batting for the same team?


"When we forget our gay elders and the radical queer people who lived so we could fly, we forget ourselves. Nathan Evans has not just remembered these elder angels, he has painted them with humour, love, truth and glory. This is a gem of a novel with characters to cherish."—ADAM ZMITH


"One Last Song is a necessary love story, both profoundly moving and profoundly optimistic. It will inevitably infiltrate your heart."—MARTIN SHERMAN


"Powerful, punchy, funny and sweet—an absolute delight."—DAVID SHANNON

One Last Song—Nathan Evans

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