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David's Stilletos

A2 sized pose portrait for Justin David's Night Work collection, 42cm x 59cm including a white border. Unframed. 


DAVID HOYLE is a UK anti-drag performance artist, avant-garde cabaret artist, singer, actor, comedian and film director with a career spanning decades and continents. His performances are known to combine many disparate elements, from satirical comedy to painting, surrealism and even striptease, much of which is aggressive and shamanic in nature. Whilst manifesting as ‘The Divine David’ he had an eponymous Channel 4 series and has subsequently manifested at venues including Soho Theatre and Sydney Opera House.


"Leave your day job behind as Justin David introduces you to dreamers of a dark and restless sort in his collection Night Work; a series of magical photographic improvisations featuring nocturnal creatures from London and beyond."


This limited edition C-Type Fuji Pearl print made from an original photographic artwork by Justin David was created by The Print Space, (74 Kingsland Road
 London E2 8DL) using archival quality materials to assure long lasting beauty to protect your investment in fine art. Digital silver based C-types are real photographic prints, created on light sensitive professional photographic paper using a finely balanced red, green & blue light source. This print was meticulously colour matched  by the artist to attain a print that faithfully captures the essence of the original. 

David's Stilletos

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