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CNUT by Nathan Evans poetry

‘Evans’ poetry addresses the environmental apocalypse with biting wit and electrifying passion.’ —MATTHEW TODD,

author of Straight Jacket and Pride

‘A kaleidoscopic journey brimming with vivid imagery, playfulness and warmth

– a truly powerful work.’


‘Story weaving and poetically burrowing, CNUT is a universal backyard collection of the urban/urbane reimagined, of the domestic/fantastic retold, of the ravishingly re-readable.’


CNUT Website title for white on


‘Poignant, humane and uncompromising’


As King Cnut proved, tide and time wait for no man: An AnthropoScene, the first part of this collection, dives into the rising tides of geo-political change, the second, Our Future Is Now Downloading, explores sea-changes of more personal natures. Nathan’s debut, Threads, was longlisted for the Polari First Book Prize. His follow-up bears all the watermarks of someone who’s swum life’s emotional spectrum. Short and (bitter)sweet, this is poetry for a mobile generation, poetry for sharing – often humorous, always honest about contemporary human experience, saying more in a few lines than politicians say in volumes, it offers an antidote to modern living.

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