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Advance Reader Team

Our ART (Advance Reader Team) is very important to us.

Our ART have been chosen because we value their honest opinions. Our ART leave reviews on platforms like Amazon or Kobo.
Our ART help new readers discover our books.

Our ART spread the word about the outsider voices we inkubate.

Our ART are part of our Inkandescent family.

Our ART get our books for free.


Are you ART material? We’d love to hear from you.

You’ll need a digital reading device and a commitment to reading our books before they’re published. In return you’ll get:

  • Free books, usually digital, sometimes paperback

  • Invites to events (our book launches are fabulous)

  • Opportunities to contribute to the production process

  • (sometimes we need feedback on draft book covers, etc)

  • Exclusive previews, special offers, undying love

If you would like to join us,

Advance Reader Team Books.png
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