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Bleeding Fabulous—Mark Ward

The story of how a boy came to be infected with blood borne viruses, and in spite of multiple death sentences, lived to become the world's first ever LGBTQ+ Ambassador for Haemophilia.


'Faced daily with my own mortality, I chose to live fabulously―each of my fifty-five years has been full of love, laughter, adventure… and feather boas.'


Mark Ward is the founder of Haemosexual―an online support and information resource championing equality, education and better healthcare for everyone with a bleeding disorder, no matter what their sexual orientation. Mark's battle to secure a public enquiry into the Infected Blood Scandal―which is finally due to report in May―has led him to places he never expected, and to meet people he never dreamt of.


'Mark is a survivor, literally, of the HIV visited upon him through contaminated blood, but rather than merely revelling in the simple fact of life, he has heroically dedicated himself to ensuring life remains possible for others.'―Sam Stein KC


This forthright (and fabulous) memoir, recounts the journey of an unlikely lad from Letchworth who grows up to be a renowned and respected rights campaigner. With foreword by Sam Stein KC.

Bleeding Fabulous—Mark Ward

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