‘Poignant storytelling, in which pithy dialogue and sharp characterisation

make for compelling reading.’


 ‘For anyone who’s lived, loved and fought to become the person

they’re meant to be’


 'There's not much rarer than a working class voice in fiction, except maybe a gay working class voice. We need writers like Justin David.'

PAUL MCVEIGH, author of

The Good Son

'An entertaining, highly detailed story from the perspective of a queer outsider. Insightful and inspiring. You'll love this book!'


The New Girl: A Trans Girl Tells It Like It Is

When your life is a soap opera, you're bound to meet a few divas

As a boy, growing up in the half of the country decimated by Mrs Thatcher’s steely economics, Jamie dreams of rubbing shoulders with the glamorous creatures from the pages of Smash Hits – only to discover, once amongst them years later, that the real stars in his life are those he left behind. Not least his mother Gloria, whose one-liners are as colourful as the marabou mules and Day-Glo dungarees she carries off with the panache of a television landlady.

When Jamie swaps the high heels and high hair of 80s Midlands for the high expectations of 90s London, he’s drawn towards a new family of misfits, fuelled by drugs and sexual experimentation – from which he must ultimately untangle himself in order to fulfil his dreams. His journey to becoming a successful artist will raise a knowing smile from anyone who has discovered that finding your place in the world is easier when you are at ease with the place from which you came.

As befits the work of an author who is also an accomplished photographer, the pages are peppered with portraits of the book’s key characters, which make this book a truly unique experience.

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A flamboyantly funny story of self-discovery,

spanning three decades of shifting social scenery.

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